Monday, July 11, 2005

Customer-Centered Six Sigma Initiatives

Customer-Centered Six Sigma Initiatives: "Dr. Jiju Antony discusses the benefits of customer focus in a Six Sigma deployment." (PDF Format)

Six Sigma, Quality Management, and ISO Articles

Pros and Cons of Six Sigma Dr. Jiju Antony discusses the limitations of Six Sigma.

Studying Costs and Services. Using BPR to cut the waste from processes and build a University for the future

Studying Costs and Services. Using BPR to cut the waste from processes and build a University for the future: "The university had suffered from reducing student numbers as a result of changes in the market place. Since it was formed it had endeavoured to be at the forefront of progress in academic delivery and customer access, encompassing a modular approach to education provision. However, competition for students has become increasingly fierce and other universities were rapidly catching up as the sector became more commercial in its approach."

The Balanced Scorecard Institute

The Balanced Scorecard Institute
(PDF Format) An introduction to applying balanced scorecard techniques that also addresses Public Sector issues.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Research Paper: Performance management system design in a devolved organisation

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This paper is a case study exploring the design of a new performance management system for the UK Environment Agency (11,000 staff, more than 40 discrete management units). The approach adopted was based on best practice 3rd Generation Balanced Scorecard processes and lead to the creation of a total of 44 unique but strategically aligned Balanced Scorecards across the organisation - one of the most complex strategic alignment exercises of this type ever undertaken or reported about in this way. This paper, written jointly by staff from 2GC and the Environment Agency, explores the agency’s rationale for undertaking a redesign of its performance management systems, and how the design approach adopted is compatible with needs of the organisation’s devolved business units. The paper reports that the experience to date has been positive, and concludes with recommendations on future areas of research and ways to approach the issue of measure selection and use within complex devolved organisations.

Outsourcing in Government: Transforming Service Delivery While Controlling Costs - Accenture

Outsourcing in Government: Transforming Service Delivery While Controlling Costs: "Transforming Service Delivery Requires a More Strategic Approach to Outsourcing

The increasing pressure to improve service delivery in a cost-effective manner compels government executives to optimize their resources more carefully than ever. Following the examples of leaders in the Canadian public sector and around the world, they should explore strategic outsourcing relationships that can transform service offerings while controlling costs and minimizing risks. Four imperatives can guide them:"

Transforming the Public Sector - Accenture

Transforming the Public Sector: "A select group of government agencies has achieved remarkable results through reform initiatives that have dramatically increased the value of the services they provide. Here is a framework, based on their experiences, that gives public-sector leaders a practical and comprehensive view of the principles and capabilities that contribute to high performance.

By Jane C. Linder and Jeffrey D. Brooks"

HBS Working Knowledge: Organizations: How We Transformed the IRS

HBS Working Knowledge: Organizations: How We Transformed the IRS:

"Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service is no fun, but it used to be even worse. Here's how former commissioner Charles O. Rossotti braved the ultimate management challenge. A book excerpt and Q&A."

HBS Working Knowledge: Leadership: Getting New Managers Up to Speed

HBS Working Knowledge: Leadership: Getting New Managers Up to Speed

The usual employee-orientation process needs to be retired. In this article from Harvard Management Update, savvy companies explain how to jump-start the success of new managers. Tip: Set up meetings, use technology, and coach newcomers.

Public Sector Performance: Efficiency or Quality?
Pietro Micheli, Steve Mason, Mike Kennerley
Centre for Business Performance, Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield, MK43 0AL, UK

Analysis of three recent reports regarding the measurement and reporting of the performance of public service delivery (The Gershon Review1; The Office of National Statistics Report “Public Service Productivity: Health”2 and The Atkinson Review3) suggest that published performance information causes problems when debating the performance of public service delivery. Specifically they highlight the following major problems:
- The focus of performance measures and targets is primarily on efficiency rather than outputs and quality of public services;
- The methodologies of calculating performance measures are often flawed and this limitation is mostly ignored when performance is reported;
- Most performance information is delivered to the public through the filter of the media – very few members of the public review the performance information directly.
These points raise concerns about the way in which public sector performance is measured and communicated which should be taken into consideration when debating the performance of service delivery. (A paper providing more in-depth discussion of this analysis4 is available from\som\cbp)