Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Security Software Bots for Government

The challenge is to create in depth security. Attacks have become more sophisticated so this network of distributed routines or Bots allows internal coordination of a response and handles multiple attack vectors.

Borg-like cybots may patrol government networks | Military Tech - CNET News
The Oak Ridge National Laboratory has created software that uses colonies of borg-like cyberrobots it says will help government agencies detect and fend off attacks on the nation's computer network infrastructure.

The Ubiquitous Network Transient Autonomous Mission Entities (Untame) differs from traditional security software agents in that its cybot "entities" form collectives that are mutually aware of the condition and activities of other bots in their colony (PDF).

When these cybots detect network intruders, they communicate with one another, preventing cybercrooks from creating and using a diversion in one spot within the network to then break through in another.