Sunday, March 05, 2006

Understanding Information Infrastructure

I've just stumbled across a guide for Information Architecture. This issue is becoming a major one across Business and Government sectors. Getting all the separate networks to communicate at even a basic level is a major problem for Government so I've provided links to a couple of useful resources.

Understanding Information Infrastructure
provides a good introduction to the issues using meaningful examples.

Roger Clarke would argue that this is nothing new and that he has been writing about it since 1995. His views are to be found at Roger Clarke's annotated Information Infrastructure Bibliography.

The US National Health Information Infrastructure home page has the most recent date of any event (at the time of writing - March 2006) as September 2004. This reflects the difficulties encountered in Australia with Health networks. The National Health Broadband Aggregation project has provided challenges at the basic II level.

The MIT Intelligent Information Infrastructure Project completed in 1997.

And for those that want information to be free, there is the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure.
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